Who We Are

We are a group of individual business owners operating in the direct mail advertising industry. We are spread across the country and use this organization to get together and share information that we all use to grow our businesses. 

What We Do

We come together to tap into the knowledge and experience of our entire group both daily in our members only message forum and yearly at our fun and information-packed annual conference! We bring questions ranging from “how to hire and pay sales people” to “what programs are you using to track your sales” and everything in between. We also get together as a group for monthly online Zoom calls to discuss topics affecting our businesses and to receive training from nationally known sales and business coaches.

Why You Should Join

Are you tired of being on an island and operating your business on your own without a braintrust full of experienced operators to help you? Then join ICOMDA today! Not only will we give you ideas and tell you about products you never knew existed, you will also be introduced to national print houses and other vendors that you would have never known existed without our organization. Don’t wait, join today! 

Level Price  
Silver $19.00 per Month. Select
Gold $29.00 per Month. Select
Platinum $49.00 per Month. Select