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    Hi Guys, Jerry Carlson here.
    I am the publisher of Family Values Magazine, Inc in the Portland Oregon area. We now call our publication BuyLocal Magazine
    I mail a 60lb #3 Gloss 48 pager to 100,000 Homes in the South Suburban Portland Oregon County of Clackamas, 6 times per year.(prefer 70lb #3 but paper is too high for that presently)
    I started in Feb 1993 when 2 months behind on my house and car payments.
    I have several independent associates that we cross sell into their areas too in the Pacific NW, Sheridan, WY and Columbia SC.

    Since I almost entirely work by phone and internet, I recently moved to Florida (again) and will start publishing a magazine in the Treasure Coast region to primarily target single family homes and the higher income group that has traditionally proven to be the main users of a product like mine.

    I do a ton of home improvement ads for retailers and contractors as well as a diverse mix of other categories. My graphics guy has been with me 22 years and further proves how difficult it is to work with me. I design nearly all the ads and he makes them look good. Like an Architect & a Builder relationship.

    Most clients have been with me 10 years or more and many over 20. I still have a handful from my very first issue with me today.

    I first met Chris’ Dad, Jim at a publisher’s convention in December 1993.

    Hope to meet you all in Orlando this next year.