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      Aaron Cater

      Hello All, please stop here and introduce yourself to the group!

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      Aaron Cater

      Hi! Aaron Cater here in Fayetteville, Arkansas. I bought my business in 2005, it was a prior Super Coups franchise and was an envelope that mailed 6 times a year. Over the years we have moved to a booklet and now a magazine and we mail 11 times a year. We have also added two other magazines, one that mails 50,000 homes a month and another that is not mailed and we distribute 10,000 a month. We also do lots of postcards. Looking forward to meeting you all and learning from everyone!

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      Erica Daley

      Hi everyone! I am Erica Daley from SMARTmarketing, co. in Youngstown, OH. I am the Operations Manager here. I started in sales here in 2011. We mail out the Town Shopper booklet and also mail other forms of direct mail and have recently gotten into digital advertising.
      I look forward to meeting everyone and sharing with you all!

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      Chris Mougeotte

      Hi everyone, welcome to ICOMDA!

      My name is Chris Mougeotte and we publish full sized, solo mailed magazines in Indiana.

      Check out our website at or

      I’ve been in the biz since the late 90’s – Here to help if you need me!

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      Jim Crouse

      Hello Everyone I am Jim Crouse and I am the Sales Director for Chris Mougeotte. I have been on the team since last fall, but have been in the shared mail industry for 20 years. I am looking forward to meeting everyone and sharing ideas so we can all grow!

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      Angie Fowler

      Angie and Tim Fowler here! We mail Talk of the Town Coupons® in the Triad area of North Carolina. We’re currently mailing 240,000 homes 8 times annually. We bought our business in 2002 from the first owner who started the company back in 1987. We have a licensee that operates 55,000 homes of the 240,0000. We have 2 sales reps, an artist and a proofreader. We also mail postcards and have added digital. Look forward to getting to know more of you!

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      Jerry Carlson

      Hi Guys, Jerry Carlson here.
      I am the publisher of Family Values Magazine, Inc in the Portland Oregon area. We now call our publication BuyLocal Magazine
      I mail a 60lb #3 Gloss 48 pager to 100,000 Homes in the South Suburban Portland Oregon County of Clackamas, 6 times per year.(prefer 70lb #3 but paper is too high for that presently)
      I started in Feb 1993 when 2 months behind on my house and car payments.
      I have several independent associates that we cross sell into their areas too in the Pacific NW, Sheridan, WY and Columbia SC.

      Since I almost entirely work by phone and internet, I recently moved to Florida (again) and will start publishing a magazine in the Treasure Coast region to primarily target single family homes and the higher income group that has traditionally proven to be the main users of a product like mine.

      I do a ton of home improvement ads for retailers and contractors as well as a diverse mix of other categories. My graphics guy has been with me 22 years and further proves how difficult it is to work with me. I design nearly all the ads and he makes them look good. Like an Architect & a Builder relationship.

      Most clients have been with me 10 years or more and many over 20. I still have a handful from my very first issue with me today.

      I first met Chris’ Dad, Jim at a publisher’s convention in December 1993.

      Hope to meet you all in Orlando this next year.

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      Sam Morris

      Hi everybody! Sam with SMARTmarketing here. I am the art dept for Jeff, Erica, and Marco.

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      Sally Schenck

      Hi ICOMDA! Sally Schenck with Lake City Saver and work for Chris & Sarah Mougeotte. I support our sales staff with creating presentations so am looking forward to accessing new ads for better presentations!

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      Deb Ammerman

      Hi, I am Deb Ammerman, graphic designer for the Michiana Saver in Indiana. Love working with Tim Walton and Dave Alsvig. Looking forward to getting to know all of you. Have a great day.

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        Chris Mougeotte

        Welcome Deb! Make sure you check out the “Designer Corner” in the message board!

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      Joanna Prescott

      Hi all! I am Joanna Prescott and I work for Chris Mougeotte and the Lake City Saver. I am based in Northern Indiana and cover 6 of our markets. I started with Chris in February of 2017. I look forward to to seeing all of the shared ads!

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      Annette Colombo

      Hello everyone, I am Annette Colombo with Home Direct and Super Savers of Augusta. I am in sales and have been with Blane since 2008. I look forward to sharing ideas that will make us all more money!

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      Katherine Capehart

      Hi, everyone! I am Katherine Capehart, the Sales and Marketing Support Administrator at Home Direct in Augusta, GA. I started working for Blane Bailey in May of this year. So, I’m a newbie!

      My strengths are writing and creating goofy chat threads on Google Chat. Just kidding!

      I appreciate all advice and learning opportunities thrown my way – especially, if it’s about any “fun” experiences with MagHub.

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      Brian Baugh

      Hey Everybody.. my name is Brian Baugh and I live in Bloomington, Indiana. I work for Chris & Sarah Mougeotte and the Mail Pak Magazine, part of Lake City Saver’s publications. I started with Mail Pak in June of 2006 and was a part of its growth and transition from a direct mail envelope, to a full sized, full color solo direct mail magazine. Mail Pak is approaching its 33rd year here in Central Indiana, and I am proud to be a part of that streak. I look forward to networking with all of you here and to share ideas and success stories!

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      Donna Maltsberger

      Hi everyone,

      My name is Donna Maltsberger, asssistant to Blane Bailey, owner of Home Direct in Evans, Ga. Looking forward to sharing ideas with everyone.

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      Chris Carrick

      Hey everybody! My name is Chris Carrick and I am the designer at Home Direct in Augusta, Ga. I’m looking forward to utilizing this website to find solutions for the everyday things we all come across in our work. Super excited to have a designer’s corner too for some awesome inspiration!

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      Blane Bailey

      Hey Gang,
      I’m Blane Bailey with Home Direct/ Super Savers in Augusta GA/Aiken SC. I started in April of 1992 with a cable company and went independent in 1994. We mail 120,000HH every month in a 5×8 booklet. We also run a TV campaign that includes our clients, that we started in 1994 and still do today. We mail a wrap and postcards every month also. I am an example that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks. And I hope to learn some from you all.

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      Juan Bustamante

      Hello, friends.

      I’m Juan Bustamante with Local Fare Marketing Group, formerly Local Fare Magazine. The name change is a result digital service offerings we now provide including website design, SEO, Google Ads, Programmatic and Social.

      We mail to 65,000 best incomes each month. My wife, Joann and I started Local Fare in 2003. We have over 10 other competitors in our small market of 375k who offer direct mail, mostly corporate. As a result, we continue to evolve our product in order to stand out from the crowd. It’s more work on our end but the end result is improved ROI and long term relationships.

      I look forward to collaborating with the group.

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      Terry McCarthy

      Hi all. My name is Terry McCarthy. My wife and I own/operate Money Saver Magazine (metro east STL) and Premium Living Magazine (Nashville). We started Money Saver Magazine with a single zone test 10 years ago. It grew to six zones/180,000 mailed 6X/year.

      During Covid I went stir crazy and decided to take a big risk and move my family down to the Nashville area and start Premium Living Magazine (affluent-skewing ad magazine / 200k circ mailed 10X/year). Through the grace of God and a lot of hard work we’ve managed to make it work…We operate both businesses from TN.

      I’m looking at expanding Premium Living into Knoxville with a partner. That’s on hold for now. I want to streamline our operations and add digital and possibly another product to the mix. We’ll see.

      I’m all about connecting with successful operators and sharing mutually beneficial idea. Not sure if I’ll be able to make it to Orlando…Feel free to call or text me at 314-809-6297 or email me at if you’d like to pick my brain or if you have any suggestions.

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      Chris Mougeotte

      Welcome Angie!

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